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Visit Campus – Now!

If you are a junior or senior in high school, RIGHT NOW is the time to get on campus!

What do I mean?

You should visit (if you can) any Colleges or Universities you are/will/will consider applying to.

Open Houses are a great opportunity to see the campus and get a feel for the culture of the place.

What should you ask yourself?

Are the people friendly? Are they helpful? Can you see yourself living, studying, volunteering, being challenges, and getting involved there? Are your questions answered?

In sum:
Visit the campus.
Get a feel for it.
Think about whether or not that is the place for you!

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Welcome to Gen 1 Grad!

graduation cap


Great news!

Gen 1 Grad and the book From First Generation College Student to First Generation Graduate are getting some well-deserved updates!

The bigger and better versions will be coming to you very soon.

Thank you all for your support!

With love,


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