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Tuesday’s Tidbit: Office Hours – The Land of Opportunity Awaits

Too many students are afraid to attend office hours because it seems like they are being sent to the Principal’s Office without actually being sent to the Principal’s Office. 

Of course there are other reasons: you don’t have the time, you don’t like the Prof., their office is far, they’re never in there when they say they will be.
…doesn’t matter!

Go to office hours. They are truly the land of opportunity. Here are just a few ways to capitalize on your Professor’s office hours:

– You get to know to know more about the class material. 

– You can learn more about their field of expertise. 

– You can ask questions that you were afraid to ask in front of the class. 

– You can share what you want to learn, earn, and discern (see what I did there?) from the class. 

– You can ask questions about opportunities in the field (for example, internships, independent studies, study abroad funding, scholarships, conferences, etc.).

The list goes on! But, the point remains the same, go to office hours at some point over the course of the semester. 

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