New Year Resolutions

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If 2016 was a great year for you, I am truly happy for you! I hope you reached all of your goals and became the person you desire. 

If 2016 wasn’t as great to you, and you are still here, find the silver linings! Try to focus on what DID go well for you in ’16. 

Either way, 2017 is upon us, and we have a chance (and a choice) to do the best to make our lives, our world, and our dreams better. 

Here are a few of my New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Dream bigger. 

2. Work smarter. 

3. Follow through. 

4. Be consistent. 

5. Stay humble. 

6. Love (really) hard. 

7. Learn how to separate constructive feedback and de-constructive rhetoric. 

8. Be a vessel of positive energy and blessings. 

9. Speak my truth. 

10. Yearn to learn. 

What are some of your resolutions?


Tuesday’s Tidbit

Keep pushing. 

Sometimes. It. Is. That. Simple. 

(Meme source: Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram) 

Tuesday’s Tidbit

Keep pushing. 

Sometimes. It. Is. That. Simple. 

Monday’s Motivation

Doubting yourself? Feeling unmotivated? Not sure if you can do it?

Repeat this to yourself until that changes! 

Wednesday’s Worker

Meet Erin Logan!  

Current Job Title: School Librarian 

Current Company: Clear Creek ISD (League City, TX) 

Degree(s)/Major(s): MLS (Master of Library Science), M. Ed in Education of the Gifted, and B. S. in Secondary Education (English)

Skills needed to do the job: reading, math, lots of verbal communication, [managing] email correspondence, computer skills, making connections

What are your job responsibilities? As an intermediate school librarian, my primary focus is literacy – building a love of reading, promoting literature, and teaching internet literacy. I organize clubs and library programs to draw students in, help them find and develop new interests, and assist with academic tasks. Students come to me independently, and I instruct whole classes as well. I also get to meet a lot of authors, which is pretty amazing!”

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Monday’s Motivation

I hope this helps motivate you today! But, for me, this is going to be a lifestyle change. Trying is no longer optional; it’s required. Who’s with me?! 

Wednesday’s Worker

Meet Brandon Huntley, a first-generation graduate from the University of Cincinnati! 


Current Job: Teacher 

Current Company: Cincinnati Public Schools

Degree: Bachelors Degree in Middle Childhood Education, 4-9 Language Arts and Social Studies 

Job Responsibilities:

“I teach 5th/6th grade Social Studies. I have been teaching 7 years. Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers to pursue. The reward is not the check but the impact you make in a child’s life. The impact is not just the content you teach to students but as a mentor and inspiring young people to be functional adults in the 21st century -one child at a time.”

Skills Needed to Do His Job

– public speaking; 

– verbal and written communication;

– leadership;

 – creativity to reach a variety of students 

How many of you want to give back to your communitities, and pay it forward by being a teacher? What questions do you have about what it takes to become a teacher? 

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Monday’s Motivation

What’s your purpose? Why are you right here, right now? 

Wednesday’s Worker 

Meet  Tynecka Dixon

Job Title: Registered Nurse (RN)

Company: University of Cincinnati (UC) Health

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 

Job Responsibilities:

“I work in the operating room as a circulating and scrub nurse. Depending on my role for that day, I either manage the overall care [of the patient] in the operating room, or assist the surgeon directly by passing items to be used during the procedure.”

Skills Needed to Do Her Job:

– effective written and verbal communication;

– time management;

– prioritization; 

– delegation; 

– critical thinking

Are you thinking about becoming an RN? Can you see yourself in the operating room? 

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Tuesday’s Tidbit

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Plagairism is an ugly and dark side of school. Without going on and on, here are a few tips to help prevent making this huge mistake:

1. If the idea, quote, image, argument, etc. etc. et. is something you did not have or know BEFORE you started working on the paper or project, you need you cite it in your final project. Period. 

2. This includes people you informally interview. All new or newly confirmed information needs to have a cite on it. 

3. When in doubt, ask your teacher, professor, English book, a manual, or the Owl at Purdue website. 

Long story short, plagiarism is stealing. It is stealing someone else’s work, time, effort, and creativity.

Would you want someone taking your check after working 20, 40, or 80 hours? I doubt it. That’s pretty much how plagiarism works. 

So go out and write and create responsibly. 

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