Media Features

Check out a snippet of my first interview with Ambition Magazine!

“When talking with Brittany about her inspiration for writing the book, her passion for the topic was very clear.  Collins-Hampston asserted that her inspiration came from the personal experiences of her and some of her colleagues.  In writing her work, which she began  five years ago upon graduation from the University of Cincinnati, the journey of the her writings was a nostalgic l look back into her early college career.  The book was a reflection of the things that she did correctly, along with the things that she did wrong but saw others around her doing correctly.  Collins–Hampston stated that she had her fair share of both experiences during her time. Being a first generation student herself there wasn’t the same type guidance and forewarning of the struggles and temptations of college life from her parents as those who parents had been to college.  Some of the issues that appear small but can shape your experience such as choosing a roommate, study habits, and properly writing an email.”

LeKeisha Nicole is really doing great things with Ambition and I am very proud to have been a part of the movement. The rest of the article can be found by clicking here.


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