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Wednesday’s Worker

Meet Erin Logan!  

Current Job Title: School Librarian 

Current Company: Clear Creek ISD (League City, TX) 

Degree(s)/Major(s): MLS (Master of Library Science), M. Ed in Education of the Gifted, and B. S. in Secondary Education (English)

Skills needed to do the job: reading, math, lots of verbal communication, [managing] email correspondence, computer skills, making connections

What are your job responsibilities? As an intermediate school librarian, my primary focus is literacy – building a love of reading, promoting literature, and teaching internet literacy. I organize clubs and library programs to draw students in, help them find and develop new interests, and assist with academic tasks. Students come to me independently, and I instruct whole classes as well. I also get to meet a lot of authors, which is pretty amazing!”

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Wednesday’s Worker

Meet Brandon Huntley, a first-generation graduate from the University of Cincinnati! 


Current Job: Teacher 

Current Company: Cincinnati Public Schools

Degree: Bachelors Degree in Middle Childhood Education, 4-9 Language Arts and Social Studies 

Job Responsibilities:

“I teach 5th/6th grade Social Studies. I have been teaching 7 years. Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers to pursue. The reward is not the check but the impact you make in a child’s life. The impact is not just the content you teach to students but as a mentor and inspiring young people to be functional adults in the 21st century -one child at a time.”

Skills Needed to Do His Job

– public speaking; 

– verbal and written communication;

– leadership;

 – creativity to reach a variety of students 

How many of you want to give back to your communitities, and pay it forward by being a teacher? What questions do you have about what it takes to become a teacher? 

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Wednesday’s Worker 

Meet  Tynecka Dixon

Job Title: Registered Nurse (RN)

Company: University of Cincinnati (UC) Health

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 

Job Responsibilities:

“I work in the operating room as a circulating and scrub nurse. Depending on my role for that day, I either manage the overall care [of the patient] in the operating room, or assist the surgeon directly by passing items to be used during the procedure.”

Skills Needed to Do Her Job:

– effective written and verbal communication;

– time management;

– prioritization; 

– delegation; 

– critical thinking

Are you thinking about becoming an RN? Can you see yourself in the operating room? 

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