Resolution #4: Keep Shootin’

In high school, I was on our varsity basketball team. One of my favorite teachers of all time, Mr. Wheeler, came to a lot of our games. One day in class, after a tough loss, he said to me, “Hey kid. Keep shootin’ the ball.” I laughed, and said something like, “Of course,” or “You got it.”

When class was over, he came up to me again and said, “No, I don’t mean to just keep shootin’. I mean, when the game is on the line, when your shot isn’t falling, keep shootin’.”

I still didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say until about a year ago, when he wished me a “Happy birthday” on FaceBook. He also wrote, “Remember to keep shootin’.”

Now – all these years later – I finally get it! He meant that even when things aren’t going my way, keep shootin’. When all is well, keep shootin’. It doesn’t matter the circumstance, keep shootin’. He was telling me to keep doing what I’m good at regardless of the outcome, because eventually, the shot will go in. The only way it won’t is if I stop shooting the ball.

Thanks Mr. Wheeler! My fourth resolution of the year is dedicated to you.

One thought on “Resolution #4: Keep Shootin’

  1. Monica says:

    I absolutely love this!

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