Tuesday’s Tidbit

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Plagairism is an ugly and dark side of school. Without going on and on, here are a few tips to help prevent making this huge mistake:

1. If the idea, quote, image, argument, etc. etc. et. is something you did not have or know BEFORE you started working on the paper or project, you need you cite it in your final project. Period. 

2. This includes people you informally interview. All new or newly confirmed information needs to have a cite on it. 

3. When in doubt, ask your teacher, professor, English book, a manual, or the Owl at Purdue website. 

Long story short, plagiarism is stealing. It is stealing someone else’s work, time, effort, and creativity.

Would you want someone taking your check after working 20, 40, or 80 hours? I doubt it. That’s pretty much how plagiarism works. 

So go out and write and create responsibly. 

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