Spring Break: How to Get the Most Out of It

Image source: The Odyssey Online 

Some of you are already enjoying Spring Break. Others are finalizing your plans. Then, there are some who still have big question marks hanging over your heads about what you will do. 

Many of you will head to a beach, visit a foreign land, take on extra hours at your place(s) of employment, hunker down at the library, commit extra hours to community service, or stay in bed while binging on Netflix series. Of course, many of you will enjoy any combination of what’s listed above. Whatever you choose, please keep the following tips in mind. 
  1. Get rest. The last part of the semester/quarter beholds tougher tests, longer papers, and more difficult material. You will need your energy!
  2. Use the time to grow. New Year’s Eve has passed and some of us kept our resolutions, while others are asking, “What resolutions?!” Either way, Spring Break is a great opportunity to set a new goal (or two). Read a book for leisure. Run those couple miles you’ve been putting off. Learn to meditate. Cook a new dish. Try that new restaurant. Finally call that friend you’ve been meaning to call since December. 
  3. This may seem silly (and a bit like common sense), but be careful. I’m not saying be afraid, but be careful. Be aware of your surroundings. Watch our belongings. Travel on a buddy system. Keep your phones charged. Do what you need to make sure you are safe.
  4. Take the chance to learn something new. Yes! I am actually asking you to learn something new. All semester long your teachers and Professors tell you what you have to learn. Take the break to learn more about something of your choosing. Learn more about the culture of the continent, country, State, or city you are visiting. Learn more about your job. Job shadow someone else. Ask about how you can move up. The choice is really yours. 
  5. In the end, enjoy yourself. That’s it. Just enjoy yourself.
What are your Spring Break plans?

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