Gen1Grad Feature: A Generation of Justice

This week, the Gen1Grad feature is all of us.

It would be disingenuous to take attention away from a heavy issue in our world(s).

The issue I’m referring to is Injustice. It is one of the most poplar degree programs and majors at The Hate University. At this university, the mission is to create a society wherein people, organizations, educational expectations, and political systems meet all objectives associated with successfully sustaining a culture of hate, distrust, and apathy.

So I feature all of US today. Today, I celebrate the first generation of humans to graduate from a way of thinking (not necessarily from any higher education institution) that believes in humanity.

Graduates are expecting to meet the following basics criterion in order to graduate:

1. Think critically.

2. Analyze personal experiences.

3. Hold friends, social and media (and social media) outlets accountable for their assumptions.

4. Accept difference AND similarity.

5. Fight problems, not people.

6. Dialogue rather than argue.

7. Think about events as a 500-piece puzzle, rather than a 2-piece puzzle. Accept that things are rarely that simple.

Of course, each of you, as self-learners, can add to this list. But consider a generation of deep thinkers who see, live, communicate, and accept a life beyond simple this-or-that, either-or, apples-or-oranges thinking.

After all, apples and oranges have some similarities. The problem is that we are taught to only notice the differences.

Let’s become #Gen1Grads of a world of justice. What do you think? Can we do it?

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