Do NOT Let The Summer Pass You By

Now that graduation had come and gone, you are left with one summer – just ONE summer – before you head off to college. I don’t have to tell you how big this summer is. After all, it is THE LAST ONE! Trust me. This summer will feel like no other summer.

So, what’s my advice?

Get to studying? That’s not a bad idea.

Stop sleeping in? Hey, it’s summer. I won’t take that from you.

Work more hours? Extra cash doesn’t sound bad.

But no, that’s not my best piece of advice. My advise is: ENJOY THIS SUMMER!

This summer is likely the last summer that you and your closest friends will have together. After this, people stop coming home because of summer classes and internships. So, before you all enter the college world, enjoy your time together. You may not get the chance to have everyone together like this again.

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