15 Things Your Instructor Shouldn’t Have to Tell You

Yes, you should come to class.

Yes, you should bring your book to class.

Yes, you should bring something to take notes.

Yes, you should actually take notes.

Yes, the notes are important.

No, it’s not okay to be on your phone – even when you (think) you’re hiding it from the instructor.

Yes, you should pay attention – like, the whole time.

No, it is not okay that sleep through class.

No, you are not getting out early.

Yes, your instructor does mind you working on your homework for another class.

No, you won’t get an individual grade for a group assignment.

Yes, you should study for the exam.

No, you cannot take the exam early so you can leave a day early for Cancun.

No, the instructor cannot “give” you an ‘A’ because you “need” one.

Yes, the instructor can hear the conversation you’re having that has nothing to do with the class assignment.

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