The New Dream: Handling a Rejection Letter

You didn’t get into my dream school, now what? Now you dust your hurt feelings off and get ready to make the most out of your time at the school you did get into.

A lot of us don’t get our first choice. That doesn’t mean you get to sulk about it all the way through to graduation. You didn’t get into the dream school for some reason. You did get into your second or third choice for another reason. You may never know either reason, and you have to accept that and move on.

Moving on means making the school you will be attending your new dream. Get excited about your first day on campus. Get excited about your dorm room. Get excited about registering for some excitingly challenging classes. Get excited about meeting some amazingly diverse people. Just. Get. Excited.

By not getting into your “dream” school, you have already learned a real-life lesson. We don’t always get what we want. The lesson is: How you bounce back from that disappointment determines how you will do in the “real” world.

So, here’s to you! Kudos for not letting this bump in the road ruin your experience at your new dream school.

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